Our seminars

Communities are only communities if people participate and feel to ‘belong’ to the community. So it will be possible to become member of ESP and to help shape the direction in which the Association will go. We want it to be a real community: we need ‘in real life’ experiences as well to ground ourselves in the community. So this is why we do part of the grounding in conferences. ESP-participants started meeting each other in 1987.

Over the years our conferences have provided the fertile context for people to meet, to talk, to drink, to eat, to start new projects and to discuss about the ways in which we can make our schools better places to be in for our children and for ourselves as teachers, with open (digital) doors and open (digital) windows, better places to learn for the future, together with other pupils and other teachers in ICT-rich educational environments. We can’t do it alone: we need the Other to construct new knowledge about these innovations of education and make it work in practice. Let’s hope that this conference is a shared learning place for us all: we learn from the best practices of each other, we learn of new technologies, we learn of the different contexts and countries we learn, work and live in, we learn how similar we are in fact, despite all differences.