ESP Country: Romania

Photo van ClaudiaMy name is Claudia Iorgu and I am the National Coordinator for Romania. I am member of the ESP board since 2005.

Since 2003 I have been involved in ESP conferences and international projects among European countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia and Spain. Many of our students and teachers have been involved in these ESP-projects.

I started with Belgium, Alden Biesen Contact Seminar in 2001, went on with an International Conference in my country in 2002, later International Compact Seminar and Conference – Projects Exchanges at Linz University in 2003, International Projects Exchanges at Barcelona University in 2004, International Projects Exchanges in Finland 2005, The E-Magic of Learning and Teaching Conference at Amsterdam University in Netherlands in 2006, Bridges Between Cultures Conference in Slovakia in 2007, Bridging Education Into Society at la Coruña University in Spain in 2008. I have also attended the International Conference in 2010 in England.

After 13 years of working with ESP I still love to be involved in projects. I can mention that “The Encounter with the Little Prince” project has received the third prize for on-line projects in 2006.

It is a real challenge to see young students exchange their cultures, their best experiences. And last but not the least all these seminars and conferences represent a real challenge for the teachers who like to be in touch with the best methods in teaching for their students.

I am looking forward to meeting you to one of these meetings!

Claudia Iorgu