ESP Country: Italy

photo of Maria-Elena
Hi there, I am Maria Elena Picone. I teach English, ICT, music in a primary and lower secondary trilingual school in South Tyrol (Italy). I speak 4 languages (Italian, German, English, French) and am presently into Spanish. I am specialized in support, secondary school and CLIL teaching and have been enjoying many Etwinning projects with schools in Norway, France, Austria and Germany.

I have attended lots of seminars, conferences and study/school visits all around Europe and have coordinated a multilateral Comenius project in 2012-14 with schools from Poland, Czech Rep, Turkey, Norway (see

Occasionally I have been invited as a speaker in local/national/international workshops.

I am a welcoming tutor for local and Erasmus plus student teachers.

I’d like to start a new Erasmus plus Ka2 project with countries of the North of Europe.

I am also interested in joining in a job-shadowing experience in UK or in an international school committed to early multilingualism.

Maria-Elena Picone