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ECOLE The ECOLE-network was a consortium of ten institutions from ten European countries: The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and Slovenia. They focused on
– making available web-based content for CSCL-projects
– information on new ICT-tools and electronic learning environments.

ECOLE in-service training course
An International Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
project may seem very easy to implement. But 18 years’ of experience in this field has shown that there are a lot of challenges and that the teachers very often ask for support and guidance.
The Best Club a meeting point for the teachers with valuable international project experience and those who are on their way to start co-operation on international level. In the frame of ECOLE, BEST activities aim at:developing an interactive platform to collect best practices, disseminate information and develop interactive resources to teachers involved in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.
Compact Thematic Educational Network, connecting Comenius schools, Supported by European Commission in the framework of the Socrates programme
The Transpro Course A Comenius In-service Training Course The course should enable participants to: Experience and develop strategies in using the project method as a way of learning; Create transnational and cross-curricular projects between schools/teachers/pupils using the project method; Implement the use of ICT as an educational tool in transnational projects; Know more about procedures on Comenius projects

EU-Asia Learning Bridges
Between January 2005 and June 2006 teachers, teacher educators and researchers active within the ESP Association have collaborated with teachers from the Philippines in the framework of the EU-Asia ITC Learning Bridges action.
Have a look at the collaborative work here. Interested in projects between Europe and Asia? Send us a message!
LIP 6 LiOn Since 2002 LIP courses have been arranged in cooperation of OPEKO, COMP@CT and ESPfi. A bigger audio platform was integrated into e-Journals recently, and there is room for 50 concurrent attendants of live online sessions. The participants of LIP 6 Live Online learn both to participate in sessions and to moderate them. The audio platform of e-Journals is not just for talking, but participants can also give shared presentations to each other and visit web pages together. After the audio platform was integrated, this web tool suits perfectly for all kind of purposes of international partner projects, including web conferencing
The Promise Project Comenius 2.1 The PROMISE (the PROject Method In School projects through E-learning) project offers to schools a structured and tested method that can, after training, be used by all European teachers to ensure the educational outcome in a project being in line with the objectives and standards set up.
Guidelines for primary school teachers for integration of ICT in their lessons. The upcoming of ICT technologies has its implications on school and education. Education is faced with the challenge to incorporate computers and communication possibilities in a meaningful way. The article gives useful guidelines how to integrate ICT in the educational proces.