The Image

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The Image of the Other is one of our well known and best examples of collaborative projects in which teachers and pupils use internet and the project material as a starting point for the most crucial part in a collaborating process: the dialogue in which you exchange information, data, viewpoints, etc., on many different subjects with colleagues and peers abroad. A foreign language is often needed, as a medium, for international collaborative teleprojects, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning projects (CSCL-projects) or collaborative e-learning projects, as well as being the object for teaching and learning.

There is a special portal for the project. In this ‘The IMAGE’ portal you can:

  • get materials ready to take and use directly in the classroom
  • search for the partner
  • apply for the project.

The materials for the project consist of examples pages for the students and pages with suggestions for the teacher. they exist in several languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Slovene.

  • The search for a partner and entering a new project can be done in English, in French and in Italian.
  • Ajouter une demande ou chercher un partenaire peut se faire par un interface en Français.
  • La ricerca di un partner o redigere la vostra richiesta in Italiano

Powerpoint Presentations

The project had been presented at the eTwinning conference in Brussels on January 15th, 2005 and at the 23rd ESP conference in Amsterdam in March 2006. Both presentation are almost the same. Here the Presentation in Brussels

Mediators: Birte Kjaer Peulicke(DK) and Kirsten M. Anttila(DK)