Teleprojects are collaborative distance learning projects designed by teachers from various countries around a part of curriculum that is thought to be mutually relevant. Leading idea of a teleproject is the combination of local research of pupils around a certain topic and exchange of, and conversation on research results with partner-schools, using a foreign language and electronic mail.
Both domain specific teachers, foreign language teachers, and informatics teachers can help improve the activities of their pupils and make new educationally relevant activities possible when participating in teleprojects. The past years teleprojects have been conducted on a variety of subjects. Participants at ESP conferences always try to find partners and work on their future projects.

A SPOTLIGHT on some of the best ESP project practice

The European Schools Project (ESP) supports teachers and pupils in participating in the world of Internet-based Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and in using Internet Information Resources to improve learning and teaching

Below you can find links and short descriptions of some ESP best project practice.

The Image of the Other is one of our well known and best examples of collaborative projects. It has its own tab in the menu on top of this page.

eJournal is an example of ICT tools offered to Comenius schools by Comp@ct Network. Experienced project makers from different countries have already used eJournal for Comenius and etwinning projects.

CultureQuest involves students and teachers engaged in inquiry-based classroom projects that explore other peoples and cultures. Projects are based on studentsdz? questions and interests and involve the focused, intensive study of one or more aspects of the art, music, literature, religion, values, daily life customs and traditions of other cultures. Students supplement traditional resources with extensive use of the Internet, both for information and for communication with knowledgeable adults and peers in the country they are studying. Their completed work becomes part of a class web site, which may be accessed at this site.

More information on the CultureQuest website,

contact: Dr. Sheila Gersh

Teleproject Let’s Sing Together – Zaspievajme si spolu
To encourage young singers in their singing and help them to develop and present their talent. To learn each other (teachers and pupils/students) how to digitize and arrange songs and images, create web pages. To learn each other (teachers and pupils/students) how to use Internet tools and resources for cooperation and learning. To collect all songs sung by pupils/students and teachers from participating schools and create a multimedia DVD album.

Art Gallery Artworks made using computer tools by students from 11 to 18.

My Favourite Toy My favourite Toy is an international ESP project moderated by Viljenka Savli. We invite teachers of young learners of English in elementary school to submit their classes. Students are supposed to describe, draw and make their toys and games. Teachers and students themselves decide how to run the project and exchange the materials with the partners’ schools. Most of the work will be published on the web.

Bridges Magazine This is ESPA e-magazine edited by students and mentors at Solkan Primary school.Our main aim is to bulid bridges between people and nations and publish stories, songs and articles written by students all over the world.